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What Is


Moda Design District is a digital design district, created for independent fashion designers from around the world to develop their brand globally. It combines the need for an online eComm platform, plus a gallery and a marketplace, all in one, with a simple selling interface and reasonable fees.

Our Mission?

Our mission is to bring independent brands in one place and represent their designs internationally. In the age of advanced technology, we want to introduce buyers to unique and authentic fashion pieces that they can't find anywhere else.

We’ve discovered that even though there are many marketplaces out there, they’re not really focused on designers as they are on making a profit. But that’s not us. We want to promote and support independent designers and help them reach an audience outside their home country. That’s why we are a digital design district, where customers can browse different boutiques and find unique fashion and tailor-made pieces, from designers all over the world.

Our mission

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